Our Services

Join us for a journey thru meditation practice of focus upon a sound object visualization, the breath, movement or attention to oneself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth. Mindfulness, past life ,Mandalas, healing chakras and using crystals. Call for upcoming classes.

We offer a variety of horse, tiger, elephant, dog, cat, Buddha, Ganesha, fairy, dragon, skull, Jesus, arc angel Michael, Jade, Egyptian, and animal statues.

We have a huge selection of Handmade Sterling Silver rings, bracelets, chains and gemstone jewelry!

We have a huge crystal section, anything from polished and tumbled gemstones to raw and carved items. Choose from hundreds of gemstone necklaces and bracelets!

we have a great selection of Hand painted fairy statues, unicorns, mermaids and sea life statues.

We have a huge selection of crystal, tarot, spiritual, meditation, children, rune, crystal grid, chakra, past life, astrology, dreams, spirit animal, shamans, Auras, smudging, sage, mindfulness, angel, magical craft, divination, energy work, light worker, women, ghosts, yoga, numerology, wicca , awakening, palmistry, medical marijuana , holistic,and metaphysical books.

We have a great selection of Tarot, Oracle, Divination, Medicine, Soul, oracle cards and decks.